Dennis Sullivan Creates a Bequest

Sullivan-lg.jpgIn 2004 Dennis Sullivan retired from a long and successful career in the financial services industry to relocate beyond the greater New York City area—his home for many years—and spend more time outdoors. An experienced hiker, cyclist, triathlete, and marathon runner, Dennis ruefully admits that “Sitting behind a desk for my entire career, I always had the urge to get outside and be active.” He moved from Newark, New Jersey, to Troy, New York, to be closer to the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, a region he had come to love over the years. He quickly got involved with local groups working to protect the Adirondacks and steadily grew more aware of the impact that global warming and misguided energy policies were having on this tremendous natural resource.

It was through his connections with local organizations that Dennis first learned about the Union of Concerned Scientists. He would often see UCS cited in articles and in newsletters, and eventually he checked out the UCS Web site, becoming a regular reader of our reports and policy updates. Immediately, he recognized that UCS’s work at the national and regional levels had a “direct impact on the Adirondacks and a direct connection with the work of the local groups I support.”

Dennis soon became an annual supporter of the Henry Kendall Society, UCS’s leadership giving society, and then, in short order, joined the Kurt Gottfried Society. He takes comfort in knowing that he is providing for UCS now and in the future, and he considers his bequest intention to be "one of the most unselfish things I, or anyone else, can do.”

Asked to articulate what he appreciates most about UCS, Dennis says: “To preserve the planet for future generations, we need to aggressively confront large issues like climate change and preventing nuclear weapons proliferation. It’s easy to be critical and present dire messages about the future but much harder to frame our challenges as opportunities and generate excitement about the solutions that exist. UCS is a forceful, clear voice calling for solutions and facilitating communications to policymakers and the public.

“I am very impressed with the scope of UCS’s activities, the clarity of the message, and how aggressively UCS is focused on the best solutions to every problem it tackles. UCS helps me better understand both the issues that concern me most and the solutions that give me hope.”



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