Patricia Judd Makes a Charitable Gift Annuity

Judd-lg.jpgRetired English professor Patricia Judd has always avidly followed current events and critical environmental issues, which are what first led her to begin supporting the Union of Concerned Scientists nearly 40 years ago.

But the Santa Fe resident’s interest in climate change was galvanized a few years ago by a guest speaker at her church, the Santa Fe Unitarian Universalist Church. The speaker, she remembers, “presented global warming as a profoundly moral issue in terms of our responsibility to our children’s children and those following them.”

After that night Patricia felt a new sense of urgency about global warming. This concern, she says, “has grown stronger as we have failed to act effectively as a nation.” She was determined to take decisive action to make a difference.

First, she researched hundreds of worthy causes, to establish which would yield the most "bang for the buck.” Her analysis led her right back to the Union of Concerned Scientists. Patricia became even more impressed by UCS’s "strong advocacy of scientific integrity, its stellar reputation as a reliable source of information, its clout with important congressional committees, and its bipartisan approach.”

Already one of UCS’s longest-term members of the Partners for the Earth monthly giving club, Patricia decided to expand her commitment to UCS. She joined the Kurt Gottfried Society by making a charitable gift annuity—a special giving option that enables an individual to make a gift to a charitable organization in return for fixed annual payments for life.

Patricia believes her decision to join the Kurt Gottfried Society was easy. “I needed to supplement my income during my remaining years, but I wanted my money to be put to work supporting my values rather than simply supporting a financial institution.” Patricia says that her investment in UCS is an investment in “our children’s children" and in our world’s future.

“Policy change is not only the result but also the cause of broad cultural changes in values. For me, UCS is one of the most effective instruments we have for accomplishing this kind of change. You can’t get more bang for the buck than that!”



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