A Life of Service Inspires Long-Term Gift

Melum-lg.jpgUnion of Concerned Scientists member Melissa Melum is a registered nurse with a long career in service to others. So it is not surprising that as she approached retirement, she began to think about her personal financial plans as well as how her resources could be put to use in service to others.

More specifically, Melissa wanted to make a gift that would foster environmental health and safety for future generations. By establishing a charitable gift annuity with UCS, Melissa was able to realize both her philanthropic and retirement goals.

Melissa recognized that her financial plan for retirement should focus on using income from investments rather than spending principal. Therefore, she felt very comfortable using a portion of her realized assets to fund a charitable gift annuity with UCS as a component of a diversified financial plan.

“The CGA provides a reliable and stable source of income with excellent tax benefits,” Melissa says. “And it meets my goal of making positive use of my resources while also meeting my financial needs.” While the CGA will provide quarterly payments to Melissa for life, it also provides UCS with a base of predictable long-term support.

A History Built on Trust

Melissa was drawn to the Union of Concerned Scientists’ application of sound science to advocate for public policy that protects the environment and food supplies, and she made her first gift to the organization more than 20 years ago.

Because of her long-standing membership, Melissa was aware of UCS’ successful track record and prudent oversight of financial resources—a critical element in her decision to establish a CGA with UCS. After all, a gift annuity is only as secure as the organization that issues the gift annuity. Melissa believes that when establishing a charitable gift annuity, “it is essential to be dealing with an organization that has a long and stable history with solid management and an excellent reputation, and UCS meets these criteria.”

UCS’s commitment to sound science and focus on agricultural issues continue to inspire Melissa’s commitment to the organization.

“I think the campaign for supporting scientific integrity in public debate is an important and distinctively UCS effort,” she says. “It's a campaign that has important implications now and will continue to be vital for years to come—even more of a reason to make sure that resources are on hand to support UCS in the future.”

Melissa’s charitable gift annuity will do just that, and UCS is grateful for her vision and generous commitment to a healthy environment and a safer world.



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